Public health

All in all the reason we have public health departments is to ensure that the entire population is well cared. This is to protect them from possible harm such as communicable diseases from a poor environment. The entire population of the country is well catered for through smaller community initiatives that are maintained through the local councils. This is one way that the public health system is to be kept alive and robust to lookout for a healthy society.

The main struggle for public health professionals is to keep people informed of various dangers that could engulf them. They take responsibility to ensure that the educational facilities are kept on record, and early warning systems are put in place. With this, the monitoring is done on a regular basis. This is in line to ensure that in case an outbreak is in the offing, they can quickly contain it and put in place research methods and mitigate the situation before it gets out of control.

The public health of the United States relies on strict and workable policies to ensure that service is well administered. The regulation of health systems is the crucial task that they should be able to take care of the communities. As a matter of fact, some communities do have poor people who are not able to afford insurance for them and their families. That is why the mitigation structures ensure that these kinds of policies are made clear.

The larger part of the community does undergo some difficult moments that need to be carefully analyzed. They should be able to take care of reducing such disparities that characterize the achievement of public health. The main thing is to ensure that is a working equity program that provides quality and accessible health care for all.

In our society today, there are many people who are not well. They struggle with sickness, illness, and disease. Indeed, there are eight deadly public health enemies that are sending many Americans to an early grave which many can be prevented by simple health care law. These health enemies kill more than 24 million people a year and cause untold suffering and disability on millions of others. Let’s discover what they are.

Public Health Enemy #1: Heart Disease

Contrary to the opinion of many, heart disease isn’t a disease of cholesterol but of artery inflammation. Many people who have heart attacks have normal cholesterol. So, what is the true culprit here? “Oxidized” LDL, excessive free radicals caused by hypertension, diabetes, smoking, fatty meals, and elevated insulin levels. These problems, however, can be eliminated and the risks of heart disease significantly lowered.

Public Health Enemy #2: Cancer

In spite of millions of dollars spent on research and great advances in diagnosis and treatment of cancer, for many people who have cancer, many times the outcome is still a painful death. Cancer appears to develop from damage to the DNA of our cells by unstable molecules that have been occurring from 10-20 years.

Public Health Enemy #3: Stroke

Strokes can be deadly and typically occur suddenly with no warning. In the New England Journal of Medicine in 1995, Dr. Meir Stampfer reported that: “15 percent of all strokes could be related to elevated homocysteine, a by-product of protein metabolism that is elevated in individuals who have low levels of folic acid and vitamins B6 and B12.”

Pubic Health Enemy #4: Diabetes

More and more people are suffering from and developing diabetes. This seems to be the result of insulin resistance. Many doctors treat the blood sugar level problem instead of the real problem, which is insulin resistance. There are many things people can do to prevent diabetes from developing, to begin with.

Public Health Enemy #5: Osteoporosis

More than 25 million North American have osteoporosis. Poor bone health is the result many times of nutritional decencies. Failure to have adequate amounts of vitamins such as B6, C, D, K, folic acid, magnesium, zinc, and cooper, are a few essential vitamins in which inadequate amounts can result in poor bone health.

Public Health Enemy #6: Arthritis

Millions of people, over 165 million, have this painful and debilitating disease. More than 70-80% of the population over age 50 have some form of arthritis. Not only do non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication does not appear to slow the steady progression of this disease, but they also cause dangerous side effects which have resulted in hospitalization for some people and death others.

Pubic Health Enemy #8: Obesity

For the young and old, obesity is a huge problem. Also disturbing is the fact that for the first time in history, there are more obese people than people of normal weight. Many researchers are beginning to find obesity is related to insulin resistance as well.

The good news is there is ammunition that everyone can have in his or her arsenal to fight back. 

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