Get Medical Professionals into Home Health in 2018

the medical industry is still booming, because those with money, the elderly, are needing attention. The problem here is that there is a huge demand, and businessmen are looking left and right to fill this demand. When it comes to Home Health, CareStaff of Dallas believes that the patient’s wellness should be the #1 priority.
Whenever hospice companies decide to fill homes with non medical certified people, the patients wellness is not the largest priority. The Hospice companies cashflow is the highest priority. The hospice company that does not use medical professionals to take care of their patients is cutting corners and should not be trusted, end of story.
Integrity and honor should always be held above cashflow when running a business. So i emplore the market to do one thing: Get medical professionals back into the home health industry. There is no reason anyone should cut corners when a humans life is on the line. There is no reason corners should be cut in any situation. Simply decide that you are going to put your nose down and finish a job or do not take it.
Personally, I am well aware of what goes on in home health and assisted living facilities. Being as it may, I have been witness to proper and improper care of my family members. Both my great grand parents on either side either were in an assisted living facility or were home health care recipients. Why you may ask? Because as much as their children wanted to fully take care of them, they had to provide for their own childrens needs. This is the case in most every household. Nobody has the time nowadays to sit at home and take care of their parents 24/7, unpaid. It is a nessecary evil to pay for assisted living and home health care.
Lets get into some of the things that could go wrong in a home health scenario and see if you would rather have a babysitter or a certified medical professional there.
While eating her lunch, eighty five year old Diana chokes on a meatball. Her babysitter Melinda is scared and pees down her leg while she watches ole Diana live out her last few moments of life. She frantically dials 911 and tries a makeshift version of the heimlich, but to no avail. When the paramedics finally arrive, Diana is long gone, and all because of a hospice company that wants to staff their ranks with less than prepared professional medicals.
Here is what this situation looks like if there is a professional medical operator available.
Diana starts chocking and immediately hits her on her back so hard that the meatball flies out at 65 mph forward and right into the wall, causing a mess but not as near of a big as a mess as Diana dead.
So you the consumer, what would you want? sitting on your death bed at 85, would you want to choke on a meatball? or die slowly with your loved ones in the room? I know the answer.

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